Leak Information

This chart shows how much water your pool can waste each year with a leak as small as 1/4" per day. If your pool leaks 1/2" just double the numbers.
There are 1.2 Million Residential pools in Florida to date. The average pool has 13,000 gallons and average size of 14' x 28'. 10% of the pools at any given time have small leaks of ¼” per day and 10% have leaks of ½” per day. There are an average of 240,000 pools leaking in Florida alone each day. The total gallons of water wasted by small undetected pools leaks in Florida per year = 8,015,400,000. Just over 8 billion gallons per year, 21,960,000 gallons per day, and 91.50 gallons per day per leaky pool.

Please visit the Water Loss Calculator to calculate water loss for your pool.